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Ambiente 2010 Frankfurt

The new presentation of Thun 1794 a.s. at the greatest world fair of porcelain and glass in Frankfurt on the Main was received with a great captivation and response both from experts and visitants.
Extraordinary, widely open space and visitor-friendly way of display of the collection of samples offered a possibility of undisturbed examination and a chance to finger every piece to all prospective buyers; all of that together with professional service of the salespersons of Thun Trade a.s. and with the traditional Czech hospitality.

The attendance was really huge - hundreds of customers came from four continents and from about 50 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Chile, Bolivia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, San Marino, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Republic of South Africa, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Slovakia and Czech Republic).

In compliance with individual markets and their customs, the whole assortment raised interest - from wide collections of classic shapes and decorations to modern plain forms and simple décors. There was a great interest in the hotel & restaurant programme, especially the Spirit line; also a new collection Blue Cherry appealed to visitors and it will be enriched by additional colour versions on the basis of following requirements. The extent of the assortment was imposing, too - an extensive range of forms and products in individual shapes. Generally, the exposition has confirmed that the exhibitor is a significant producer of substantial capacities, with potential to meet the demands of all customers.

Stand designed and built by the desing studio "" Prague


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