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Workshop - Machine
Work Description
Band saw Sawing up to dia 300 mm
Table shears
Metal shearing up to the gauge 10mm – 2m.
Flame Cutting Machine
RS 501A
Gas cutting of steel sheets (except of 17 and 19 classes) up to the gauge 100mm; max. size 1000 x 2000<
Conventional lathes
Lathe work up to dia 500mm; L max 2000.
CNC Lathe
Profile Turning up to dia 350mm; L max1800.
Program processing.
Boring machine WH 75
Milling; drilling; boring; max. ranges X, Y, Z: 1250x 900x1000; max. workpiece weight: 500kg.
Conventional milling machines
Right-angle milling; max. ranges X, Y, Z: 800x 350x350; max. workpiece weight: 100kg.
CNC milling machine
Profile milling; max. ranges X, Y, Z: 685x 990x150; max. workpiece weight: 500kg.
Easily workable materials only (synthetic wood)
Program processing.
Hobbing machine FO 6
Gear hobbing to the module 6; both straight and inclined teeth.
Centre grinder
BHU 50 A / 1500
Grinding up to dia 500mm; distance between centres: 1500
Horizontal (face) Grinder
BPV 40 A
Flat surface grinding. Max. ground length: 2000; max. width: 400; max. grinding height: 500
Drilling; assembly works; weldment production.
Welding carbon steels using coated electrode and semi-automated machine in CO2 atmosphere.
Mould manufacture Manufacture of special tools for isostatic pressing and die casting

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