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Factory shop Klášterec

The store offers a very wide range of porcelain products, mainly from the local factory, in whose premises it is located.

From an abundance of mugs of various sizes and decors, through very popular children's sets, a baking program and various additional assortments to complete tea, coffee, cake, plate and dining sets in traditional and modern shapes and decors. Every visitor will surely choose.

We also recommend combining shopping in our company store with a visit to the Castle Klasterec, which houses an extensive and engaging museum of porcelain products from ancient history to the present day. In addition to other rare exhibits, you will also find here the famous "Vivat Böhmen" mug, i.e. a product originating from the first porcelain firing in Klášterec in 1794. So do not miss this extraordinary and inspiring experience.

Zámek Klášterec - novinky

Zámek Klášterec - muzeum


We received a certificate that entitles us to use the regional brand "KRUSNOHORI - regional product"


With this step, we proudly claim the region in which Thun porcelain has been produced for more than 220 years.

Regionální značky 

Sdružení Západní Krušnohoří

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