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Thun 1794 a.s. is the largest Czech porcelain manufacturer. The company has household porcelain, hotel porcelain, special cooking program, porcelain for children and custom products for large international chains in its production range. It produces specific type of so-called hard porcelain with firing temperature of 1405°C.

High quality and unique design based on 220-year tradition of porcelain production in the Czech Republic guarantees a high standard for our customers.

VIsitor Center and porcelain shop in Nová Role VIsitor Center and porcelain shop in Nová Role On Monday 28.9. our Visitor Center and porcelain shop in Nové Roli will be open for you. We look forward to your visit more > Porcelain celebration 2020 Porcelain celebration 2020 We look forward to seeing you during the autumn period of the Porcelain Festival on September 4 - 6, 2020 in Karlovy Vary in the facilities of the Grandhotel Pupp. Once again, we are waiting for the exhibition Middle Tables in the ceremonial hall of the Grandhotel Pupp, the sale of porcelain and glass for a price or an accompanying program for the whole family in the role of the Porcelain School. Last but not least - as is the tradition in the autumn - the whole weekend will be accompanied by performances of folklore titles within the Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival.    more > Shop Nová Role Shop Nová Role On Saturday, August 29, 2020, the porcelain shop in Nová Rola will be open for you from 10.00 to 12.30. more > Shop Klasterec Shop Klasterec Dear customers,our company store in Klášterec nad Ohří will be closed from 4 to 5 September 2020. more > Notice for visitors Notice for visitors On September 1, 2020, the Thun 1794 Visitor Center in Nová Role will be closed to visitors. We look forward to seeing you who is currently regular opening hours. Thank you for your understanding. more >  Announcement - store Ctiradova 1, Prague 4 Announcement - store Ctiradova 1, Prague 4 In the period from 20 to 31 July 2020, our store in Prague 4, Ctiradova 1 is closed due to a holiday. Thank you for your understanding more > Spa mug - event for children Spa mug - event for children more > Press report Press report more > Opening Visitor centre in Nová Role Opening Visitor centre in Nová Role more > Visitor centre Nová Role and Klasterec Visitor centre Nová Role and Klasterec Already on Tuesday 26.5. we open both our Visitor Centers to the public (Porcelain stop in Nová Rola and Porcelain girls in Klášterec nad Ohří). We have prepared innovative educational programs for visitors at great prices. More information and We look forward to you! more > Inovation - shape TOM Inovation - shape TOM Thun 1794 a.s. as part of its marketing strategy, it addresses the customers of the products of a wide range of customers. The timeless and innovated design of TOM, which rightfully relates to the best-selling shapes on the Czech market, enables its use for every day with innovated assortments. The transformation took place especially in flat products, ie in all plates and oval bowls. The complete TOM file is known at more > Shape LEA Shape LEA We included new porcelain set Lea into our production portfolio. The set was designed by an artist from Karlovy Vary Lenka Sárová - Malíská. Shapes are simple without any unnecessary decorations, they come out from pure lines. Lea is unusual for relief with concentric circles and the handle on the top of pot and sugar bowl. This detail gives it its originality, the shape is fully functional and ergonomic for man´s hand as well. The number of the name Lea is nine. Number nine is predestined for success, but they have to decide and use their inner sources. We believe that inner sources of porcelain Lea are obvious - elegance fully exploiting advantages of noble material, nonchalance, grace and moment of surprise.   We wish Lea great success! more > Official statement Thun 1794 a.s. Official statement Thun 1794 a.s. We would like to inform you about the current situation in Thun 1794 a.s. to prevent the spread of unverified messages. Production in all 3 plants (Nová Role, Klášterec, Lesov) runs without restrictions. Absence of employees in the workplace is only for reasons of the Czech Republic or the normal absence. The order coverage of the company is for April / May incl. large orders for an Italian customer (on which work is temporarily suspended - only in decorations). The company is negotiating a bridging loan due to deferred exports (Spain, Germany, Italy and now also Russia). The results of negotiations with commercial banks and state banks (EGAP and Czech Export Bank) will be known in the first days of the following week. It all depends on establishing emergency measures to provide support to large export companies. Further information will be provided in the middle of next week. We thank all our employees for their patience and disciplined behavior during this difficult time. We appreciate it a lot! more > Preventive measures Preventive measures From Monday 16.3. By 2020, the Visitor Center in Nová Role and Klášterec is closed for visitors.  This measure also applies to factory shops in Nová Role and Klasterec. Thank you for your understanding more > Ambiente 2020 Ambiente 2020 more > The medal of the ChildrenOlympics will be made of porcelain The medal of the ChildrenOlympics will be made of porcelain more >  Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution The company Thun 1794 joined the celebration of "30 years of Velvet" as well and on this special occasion produced unique edition of mugs (KC32) and cups with plates in popular collection TOM. This modern set is one of the best sellers of the porcelain factory. In the spirit of connection of modern porcelain and new age acquired democracy the company Thun 1794 approached the author of Občanské Fórum logo, Ing. Pavel Šťastný and he willingly created special mark for this edition. Decor with red-blue flowers only completed this symbolical connection. We would like to wish you enjoyable moments spent with tea, coffee or café latté from our "Velvet" porcelain.  more > Terms of Porcelain celebration 2019 Terms of Porcelain celebration 2019 Spring May 3 - 5, 2019 Autumn September 6 - 8, 2019     more > Decors 2019 Decors 2019 These decorations were presented at the international trade fair Ambiente from 8 to 12 February 2019 and will be gradually introduced into production according to customer requirements. more > Ambiente 2019 Ambiente 2019 more > Exhibition "Holky z porcelánu" Exhibition "Holky z porcelánu" Visitors of Ústí nad Labem region now have a chance to experience porcelain tradition not only in Visitor Centre in Nová Role, but also in newly opened exhibition in Porcelain factory Thun 1794 in Klášterec nad Ohří.  Grand opening ceremony with participation of region and town authorities’ representatives, porcelain factory employees and also descendant of Thun family took place on October 25, 2018. The central theme of interior designed by architects Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová is the film Porceain Girls (Holky z porcelánu) filmed in Klášterec porcelain factory in 1974. The space is divided into couple of distinctive zones reminiscent of the film with light exaggeration and melancholy. The project could have arisen also thanks to financial subsidy of Ústí nad Labem region and town Klášterec. Exhibition should be opened for public in the second half of November 2018.   more > Implementation of survey work Implementation of survey work more > Decorations Decorations   Decoration of porcelain products is the penultimate phase of finishing it. Then follows the last firing in the decoration kiln and porcelain product can be dispatched to the customer. There are 4 basic decoration techniques:   Decoration with printsPrints can be monochromatic or multicoloured. They are delivered from the plant “Screen printing” in sheets covered with the layer of removable varnish which ensures easy application of prints on porcelain product. Prints can exist in various forms – multicoloured, black and white, pictures, photos, with precious metals, cobalt, etc. This decoration technique is the most used and spread nowadays.   Curiosity: In 2015 the plant “Screen printing” produced 24,797,405 pieces of prints.       Decoration with sprayingColours are applied by spraying pistol over special pattern or all over the surface.       Kinds of decoration:Full fund – fund covering all surfaces of products   Fading fund – the contours are not exactly given, they are fading   Hidden fund – some places are covered with the varnish or other materials which are removed after spraying and some places under them stay white.       Hand brush decorationThis kind of decoration is mainly used for rich decoration; porcelain is decorated by painters on rotating ring. It is handmade painting of marginal lines by flat brush, especially plates or bowls. Facade (pulling out the relief or highlighting handles) is decorated by special thin brush.       Curiosity:The brushes are made from squirrel hair.       Decoration with stampsThis kind of decoration is mainly used for decorating with precious metals (gold, platinum), nowadays less used.       more > Gastronomy Gastronomy Good shape – foundation for porcelain success. In the beginning of porcelain product manufacturing is a good idea of capable sculptor or designer who creates and draws an interesting shape which is later put into production. In cooperation with other artists or salesmen they gradually decorate the shape with various decors mostly according to fashion trends.   Former artsy porcelain shapes are gradually substituted with modern utility shapes returning to functionalism style. Porcelain is mainly used for serving meals. Gastronomy is becoming more and more important part of our lives. Good meal makes good connections. If it is served on extraordinary porcelain shape, it tastes much better. Enjoy the porcelain miracle of shapes EYE, LOOS or TOM. Enjoy your meal  more > New porcelain set EYE on sale New porcelain set EYE on sale In our e-shop you can now buy porcelain sets EYE in several different designs. Visit our e-shop more >

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