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Decoration of porcelain products is the penultimate phase of finishing it. Then follows the last firing in the decoration kiln and porcelain product can be dispatched to the customer.
There are 4 basic decoration techniques:


Decoration with prints
Prints can be monochromatic or multicoloured. They are delivered from the plant “Screen printing” in sheets covered with the layer of removable varnish which ensures easy application of prints on porcelain product. Prints can exist in various forms – multicoloured, black and white, pictures, photos, with precious metals, cobalt, etc. This decoration technique is the most used and spread nowadays.


In 2015 the plant “Screen printing” produced 24,797,405 pieces of prints.




Decoration with spraying
Colours are applied by spraying pistol over special pattern or all over the surface.




Kinds of decoration:
Full fund – fund covering all surfaces of products


Fading fund – the contours are not exactly given, they are fading


Hidden fund – some places are covered with the varnish or other materials which are removed after spraying and some places under them stay white.




Hand brush decoration
This kind of decoration is mainly used for rich decoration; porcelain is decorated by painters on rotating ring. It is handmade painting of marginal lines by flat brush, especially plates or bowls. Facade (pulling out the relief or highlighting handles) is decorated by special thin brush.




The brushes are made from squirrel hair.




Decoration with stamps
This kind of decoration is mainly used for decorating with precious metals (gold, platinum), nowadays less used.




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