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Visitors centre

In May and June was gradually introduced to the media and the public a new visitor center in a porcelain factory in Nová Role, which is part of the industrial tourism in  Karlovy Vary region called Porcelain&Glass Fabrik Tour. Visitors have the unique opportunity to get closer with the history of the factory, with the final product and porcelain production straight in the factory.
The visitor center is ready for clients convenient parking, cafeteria and shop. Everything evokes the style industrial building from the seventies inspired by "Baťa" structures and management systems.
The center is open to the public every day from Monday to Friday. The part of the visitor center is a children´s porcelain School - "Decorate your cup", where children learn all about the production of porcelain and also they may try to decorate a cup.

Thun 1794 a.s. Tovární 242, 362 25 Nová Role

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