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The Klášterec plant was established by the count Franz Joseph Thun and J.N.Weber in 1794, as the second oldest factory in Bohemia. The factory moved to newly built spaces in 1970ties; it has been housed there up till now. The enterprise is provided with modern technological devices such as die casting, two chamber kilns, and two inglazing kilns. It disposes of really powerful decorative section, which is able to apply all available decoration categories to a white body: screen printing decorations, under- and overglazed decorations, paintshop decorations using precious metals or colours, spraying. Capacity of the Klášterec factory is about 1 thousand tons per year.

The enterprise makes use of the trademark Thun 1794.

Thun 1794 a.s. Tovární 242, 362 25 Nová Role

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