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Louise - new shape

When the new shape „LOUISE „made by Jaroslav Ježek was introduced in the plant Březova in 1962, the period of so-called Brussels was finally concluded.  It has brought a significant change in the design which is mainly represented by the shape LOUISE for the porcelain production.  Asymmetry of amorphous shapes in silhouettes of graceful elongated lines is replaced by the classical rotational shape returning back to the porcelain manufacturing roots. Morphology is clearly reminiscent of the Empire style especially in shaping of handles and hollow shapes. Simple and very fine relief of thin lines radially diverging on the cups legs and on the tapered parts of hollow products unobtrusively complements the simplicity of the shape. The rest of the product remained smooth. Elegant shape of timeless quality was achieved thank to sensitive historicist features incorporation and stylization.  The shape was created for manufacturing in the plant Březova because its production required and also demonstrated the high quality of manufacturing with a strong emphasis on the high level of craftsmanship.
Porcelain factory renowned for its tradition and carried out decorations quality in a wide scale of techniques explored the opportunity to apply them especially in the pure cobalt application and in etching carried out in classical way or in décor transfer by recess print, etc.  The production was terminated in the beginning of 1990´s after the factory privatization.
Due to its timeless design the set appears as promising for the future. More developed manufacturing technologies and richer possibilities in a very demanding decoration reproduction enable us to produce such a shape in fully automatized plants with minimal technological adjustments with no changes of original design.  Contemporary production paradoxically enables higher quality of production in some ways than earlier in manufactory conditions.
The requirements of contemporary markets together with these possibilities utilization brought us to introduce the shape LOUISE in 2013 as "retro - design", which is nowadays very popular phenomenon in many other industries, in the plant Nova Role of the company Thun 1794 a.s..

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